Our services include manufacturing, from prototpying through to high volume off-shore production.


Prototyping and concept testing is an important step in the design process. It is a quick, low-cost and effective and way to de-risk the design process. Technical risks are addressed as well as market risks if these prototypes are used by the consumer.

Electronic assemblies and rapid prototype packaging (plastic or metal) can be turned around in just a few days, so you can have a working product in your hand.

Low and Medium Volume Manufacturing

Transitioning to manufacturing from prototyping can be scalable to any volume. Whether utilizing on-shore or off-shore manufacturing, we can deliver a complete product, tested and packaged right to your door.

High-Volume Manufacturing

Off-shore manufacturing is typically advantageous as volumes increase to thousands or tens of thousands. With our permanent Asian office to assist in this transition, manufacturing can be seamlessly ramped up.


Many products require safety certification such as UL and emissions approval such as FCC. Our office will coordinate this process in parallel with the development and production process.

Asian Division:

Our permanent office in Asia includes technical and managerial staff.

A presence where the actual manufacturing takes place is vital to timely and successful product launches and smooth production...

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